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Paul Simon's
"Catch the King"
(Chess For Elementary Schools)

Catch the King Chess Materials

  • The Catch the King Demonstration Board may be hung anywhere and it allows the entire class to participate in various chess exercises without having to crowd around a small table. The vinyl pieces fit into slots, making it easy set up any position. Each square is identified in algebraic notation making it much easier to learn, and teach, this language of chess. The entire set can be rolled up and conveniently stored away at the end of each lesson, or it may be left in front of the classroom and used as an activity centre that promotes cooperative interactive problem solving.

  • The Catch the King Chess Set in Tube contains a complete regulation size chess set. Each square on the board is identified in algebraic notation. For easy storage, the board and pieces are contained in a tube.


  • The Catch the King Baseball T-Shirt comes is sizes S, M, L, or XL.

  • In order to aid in teaching the basics of chess, the following books are available:
  • 1. "Catch the King" Chess for the Classroom - Program One
  • 2. "Catch the King" Chess for the Classroom - Program Two
  • 3. Beginners Chess Workbook - Captures & Checks
  • 4. Beginners Chess Workbook Solutions - Captures & Checks (Teacher Manual)
  • 5. Beginners Chess Workbook - Checkmates
  • 6. Beginners Chess Workbook Solutions - Checkmates (Teacher Manual)
  • 7. Chess Coaches Lesson Plan.

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