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Paul Simon's
"Catch the King"
(Chess For Elementary Schools)

"Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe."
- Indian Proverb

Introductory Page

  • Welcome to my Web Site! I'm a National Chess Master and have been teaching chess, organizing tournaments and various chess activities (simultaneous exhibitions, blindfold demonstrations, etc.) in schools for over 20 years.
  • I am also available for private and group lessons. Please contact me by e-mail or phone: (519) 753-8634 for more information.
  • The purpose of this site is strictly educational and offers online chess support to elementary schools.
  • 1. Catch the King Chess Materials - demo boards, chess sets & books
  • 2. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page - common questions, demos of en passant, castling & promotion
  • 3. Teacher & Classroom Questions - opportunity for teacher(s) to receive chess assistance (support) individually or as a group, - opportunities for students to make chess inquiries
  • 4. Introductory Email Chess (Practice Session) - classes that are preparing to play chess through e-mail have the opportunity to become aquainted with the process
  • 5. Consultation & Tandem Chess - chess through email between classes, schools or groups of schools
  • 6. Puzzles (Math Chess & Trivia) - weekly puzzles for various levels of players & trivia questions
  • 7. Programs & Activities - Teacher Workshops, Classroom Instruction, Simultaneous & Blindfold Exhibitions are available for schools who may schedule dates for these activities through email
  • 8. Tournament Information & Registration - registration for various tournaments through email.
  • annual membership fee per school (introductory offer of $99.99 + GST) made payable to: Paul Simon, 233 Sydenham St., Brantford, Ontario N3R 3Z6 Phone: (519) 753-8634
  • registrations are accepted through e-mail, phone or mail
  • registered schools must use their password, teacher name, school name and grade in order to access the website's certain e-mail features
  • for your own security please do not share your password with any students or anyone outside the school (each password is restricted to the registered school and must be kept confidential)
  • a teacher must always be present when students have access to the website's e-mail features during school hours

Click Here for Weekly Puzzles & Trivia

*(Puzzle page will not be renewed until further notice.)*