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Paul Simon's
"Catch the King"
(Chess For Elementary Schools)

Teacher & Classroom Questions

  • Questions are restricted to registered members only!

  • Registered members must include their password, teacher name, school and grade in the the subject line of the email.

  • Every effort will be made to answer a variety of chess queries, ranging from the rudimentary to advanced, from classes and/or teachers within two working days.

  • Be sure to check if the intended question is not covered in the FAQ page.

  • For security reasons a teacher must always be present when a question is sent. The Subject Line must contain the school's password, teacher's name, school and grade.

    For example:

    Subject:" xxxx, Mrs. Jane White, En Passant School, Grade 3"

    Text Box: "Dear Mr. Simon,"
    " Can you castle when your king is in check? "